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First Name: Arielle
Gender: Girl
Height: 44 inches
Weight: 38lbs
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Dark brown
I am signed with Lil Angelz Nation
My hobbies include drawing, painting, singing, dancing, doing learning activities on my ipad, reading with my mom, riding my bike, swimming, going to the park, going to Pump it Up (jumpers), and playing with my friends.
My talents include ballet dance, singing, and taking pictures.
My name is Arielle Jones-Amos and I am 5-years-old. I am in Kindergarten at St.Felicitas School. My favorite class is PE. I also enjoy reading time with the teacher, drawing, painting, and playing with my friends. I am friendly and I get along well with others. I work hard at whatever I do and I take direction well from others. Although I am shy at first sight, I usually warm up quickly. When I am not in school I enjoy singing and going to ballet class. I have been dancing since I was 3-years-old and I plan to explore other genres of dance in the future. Over the past year I have been more interested in taking pictures and coming up with my own fun poses. I am interested in developing my skills and pursuing print modeling.
Favorite color: purple Favorite food: chicken nuggets Favorite movie: Frozen Favorite Hobby: painting Favorite vacation place: Disneyland Favorite TV show: The Floogals Favorite class: PE Favorite dessert: icecream Favorite fun place to go: Pump it Up Favorite book: The Three Little Pigs