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First Name: Lance
Gender: Boy
Height: 2’11
Weight: 28lbs
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Sandy Brown
My most recent experience was and still is.... life ♥️
I enjoy reading and counting, playing outside or inside, and learning new things. In the summers I learn the fundamentals of wrestling, and I’ll be starting gymnastics any day now.
I can say my full name, I count to ten all by myself. I can stack blocks and clean up my toys after myself. I can jump up and down and sometimes I can even stand on one foot.
Reading is my most favorite thing to do with mommie. I love wrestling with daddy, and playing peek a boo with my sisters and brother. I like to eat chicken but pizza is my fav. I love to cuddle and give big hugs.
Some of my favorite things are animals, puppy dog pals, warm baths and warm milk, tummy rubs and lots of hugs.